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Dont Come Home A Drinkin


All kind of sports.

My son is playing hockey, ice hockey. But it is not only training on the ice. Twice a week there are also trainings indoor. They are doing gymnastics to make flexible joints which is good because that can prevent you of injuries. There do also have yoga once a week and these exercises are really good to get flexible joints as well. My son likes all those kind of sports and he is always very happy if he can go to a training. Today he has a technical training and also half an hour of gymnastics. I hope we can ...

Time for myself.

I went to the school of our children but instead of going home the three of us I went home with one of my sons and his friend. My other son went to his friend and I have to pick him up at half six. And now are my son who came home with me and his friend playing in the garden and I have unexpectedly some time for myself. This is great because I do have some jointpain because I did some real cleaning in the bathroom and now I can sit and relax for some minutes. Just some ...